Know Self

I am ever so grateful to know Self! I have no need to prove who I am to others. I have no need to point fingers and cry foul in my indignation and justification in how others view me. Remember who you are. Love who you are. Let others’ perspectives of you melt away. BE […]

Life Puzzle

There always seems to be a great mystery unfolding. Your reality becomes an eddy of analysis and anticipation, questioning. You try to make all the puzzle pieces fit. A key piece always seems to be missing. A vibrational dance ensues where you step into an answer that instantly disappears until you happen upon the next. […]


You are here to uplift the human condition. You are not here to consistently bump into your walls of perceived doubt and fear. You are here to uplift Self to a vibration/place where there are no walls. ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

Being understood

Just for today…remind yourself that silence is ultimately your friend. There will be times you will have a compulsion to explain yourself in hope of being understood. Often the one you seek understanding and validation from is not in a place to hear what you have to say. Be silent. The only understanding and validation […]

Be Free

Just for today…be you…fully and freely. The only permission required comes from you. Dare to shine. By honouring and being your true Self you will light up your world—and those in it. We owe it to ourselves and each other.


Just for today…make the time to sit quietly. Close your eyes and feel resistance melt away. Allow yourself to be carried inward. When you are connected to Self in this way it is then that you see.


Just for today…remind yourself that you are a manifestation. You are a manifestation that perpetually manifests. You are the gift that keeps on giving.


Peace. It is not something you demand from other countries. It is not something we demand from each other. It is not something witnessed, it is felt. Peace is not killed for. It is not expected, demanded, manipulated, given or taken away. Spend less time shaking your fist at where you perceive peace isn’t. The […]