You are unique!

Just for today…remember that your individuality is what makes you shine! You are unique! Do not focus on what other’s think of you–it’s none of your business.


Just for today…remember that you are amazing…just the way you are. Shine your awesomeness!! It not only lights up your life…but it lights up the world too!


Just for today…remember to shine your light brilliantly. Let the real you illuminate everything around you in spite tragedy; in spite of perceived ideas; in spite of negativity. Shine. You may never know the impact your light has on another…and the world.

Be Free

Just for today…be you…fully and freely. The only permission required comes from you. Dare to shine. By honouring and being your true Self you will light up your world—and those in it. We owe it to ourselves and each other.


Just for today…remind yourself how wonderful you are; how beautiful you are; how magnificent you are; how powerful you are. Act accordingly, walk purposefully, hold your head high. There is absolutely no one like you. Let your unique Self shine!