Shift happens

To understand energy is to understand the mystery of all things. Begin to learn who you truly are. Then go forward and honour all things as the animated reflection of the universe and Source itself.


Just for today…remind yourself that clinging to how you have always been or how you have always managed life may no longer be working for you. It is time to do something different. Surrender to the flow of the Universe which is Source itself. Allow it to carry you. It is a pure, positive stream […]


It might be that we have been taught we cannot be alive but through God. To me, we bring God to life through us. Awaken to this and you will begin to see the connectivity of all things. You will begin to see and experience your Source everywhere, all at once, all the time. Now […]

Birth And Death

The Council of 12 has taught me that we have everything backwards–especially when it comes to birth and alleged death. Birth is actually the death and the moving away from of our ‘knowing’. Death is the birth and the moving towards our remembering. Both should be celebrated. Birth because it serves to expand Source through […]

Moments and Magic

Moments are an eternal bursting forth of opportunities and miracles. We are relentless magic that is Source itself. Be aware of yourself–your thoughts and feelings. Be joyful. Be eager. Live each day knowing you are the magic wand.


Miracles are real. Miracles happen every day. We may not see them as such as our focus is on much more mundane things. When situations turn desperate, that is when you hear people talking about and asking for a miracle. Society has deemed a miracle as something that occurs when all hope is lost and […]

Shift to joy and appreciation

Just for today….look at every person, place and thing as if you were seeing it for the first time. Experience the sheer joy of discovery. When you do you will be seeing through the eyes of Source where this no judgment, no expectation of another. There will simply be pure appreciation. It’s amazing how your […]