Walk In Your Truth


“Always walk in your truth. When you do you walk toward your deeper truth. A truth that may shatter the confines of a comfortable path. It is not destroying the path. It is expanding it. It expands with ‘your’ vibrational expansion. The discomfort exists only as long as it takes for you to get used to this new place of being. Resist not. Surrender to the flow of your own expansion. It is your greater good manifesting itself.” ~ Council of 12 via Ara Parisien

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Amazing Journey

sirius aThere is something so delectably delicious about the feeling of renewal–a shift–a new phase beginning. Initially, it can knock you around somewhat but when the dust settles and you brush off the residue there is a new found clarity that surfaces. While I may not know what has happened on a vibrational level, I know enough to trust it. Why? Because I have been clear regarding my intention and desire. The end result cannot be a surprise because of that but the ‘how’ it occurs is the spectacular magic that only the Universe can deliver. The ride of this shift is not yet complete, however, I stand pure in my clarity and truth. I see things differently, I feel things more sharply, I know things with more certainty. I am sure. I am. And that’s enough….until the next phase begins and more expansion is realized. I’m loving this journey. Hope you are enjoying yours just as much!!

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Meant to be

meant to be So many times I hear people say, “If it is meant to be, it will be.” To me, nothing could be further from the truth. There is no external power dictating what you may have or do or want or say. There is no external power that determines what will happen. Remember this–‘What will be” is solely determined by the choices you make. It can be no other way. Take responsibility. Be the power you are.



Everyone has free-will to believe what they wish. Whether that understanding meets with others’ lofty ‘standards of rightness’ is immaterial. We all find truth, in our own way and in our own time. No one can or should tell another that they are wrong in their choice of what they believe. People needn’t be intimidated towards truth, ridiculed because of it or attacked in the name of it. No crusade is necessary to convert. Truth just ‘is’ and we constantly evolve toward it.

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There is nothing external. I know I have mentioned this before and indicated that when one thinks about the concept it becomes a huge deal. It is.

My world, your world—our world—and what goes on in it is simply a manifestation of the culmination of what is going on in each Self. Some believe it is a nice ‘notion’ that if we were kinder then the world would follow suit. It remains a nice ‘notion’ because they do not see the evidence of this being true. It’s a nice ‘thought’, they say, but let’s get ‘real.’

So let’s get real! Fear is the ‘reality.’ Fear. There is fear there isn’t enough, there is fear you won’t have enough, there is fear that what you do have will be taken away. There is fear in appearing different, there is fear in not being accepted. There is fear of success and there is fear of failure. There is fear that you might lose your job, there is fear that you will be forever stuck in a job you despise. There is a fear that the world will end, there is a fear it will stay the same. There is fear of not being safe, secure and healthy. Fear is common denominator. Fear is running rampant.

Some might say that they would never harm another living being yet they judge and become defiant when they are misunderstood, unheard or lied about. There is a great penchant for proving self to be right. There is a great wave of indignation that runs forever like an emotional tide over our planet. Who is right, who is wrong, who has cause and who doesn’t. The more we point at others the more we stay the same–locked in the prison of needing to be right because being wrong is more than we can bear.

Change is not about just playing nice. Change is about facing your fears. Change is about understanding that Source energy is EVERYTHING. There can be no shortage, no insecurity, no right or wrong. Source just is. As are we. It is in facing our fears and walking through them that we begin to understand our true power. We will see that there is nothing to fear and it is only our conditioning to fear that keeps us paralyzed. When we find our own Self courage we assist others in finding theirs. Gone will be the need to justify and defend. Gone will be the need for people to starve physically and emotionally. Gone will be the need for guns and posturing. Fear, the playground bully, will have been disarmed–with love.

Now go and play nice—and embrace your fears. Your world, my world–our world–will change because of it.