A Message From The Universe

This morning I spent some quality time communing with my Guides and the Universe. I was eager to ask their assistance in shifting my rather stale-feeling vibration of late. Inspiration has been flowing but suddenly tapers off to a dull thud. I wanted some guidance in buoying it up and keeping it where it belongs. […]


Just for today….believe. Believe with every fiber of your being that all is well. Every moment is an opportunity for the Universe to give you evidence that all things are possible. Hang on! You’re worth it!

Unconditional Love

Just for today…love all–even when it is not reciprocated. We spend so much time judging the worth and value of one another. The “I will love and respect you if you love and respect me” mentality is far removed from unconditional love. Unconditional Love isn’t about judgments or worth. It just is. It is who […]