Who You Are

Just for today…remind yourself that you are more than you think you are! All else pales in comparison.


Just for today…remind yourself that the opportunity for change resides in each and every moment. It never evolves by virtue of another person. Change is necessary. It begins with you.


Just for today…remind yourself that your presence matters. YOU matter. Stand tall, be purposeful, smile easily, love consistently. When you do you offer others an opportunity to respond in kind.

Be the best you can be

Just for today…do not focus upon being better than anyone else. Simply focus on being a better YOU than you were the moment before.

Belief Structures

We all initially function with a borrowed belief structure. It is handed down from our parents, from their parents, who learned it from parents of parents long before us. It is in this way that belief structures certainly are integrated into our dna and are perpetuated over eons of time. The question is, does this […]