A.C. – Victoria, BC

“Thank you for meeting with me yesterday. I think I was equally nervous as excited! When I left you I went to help out at my mums care home. Her roommates are Sandra and Joan. 2 names you mentioned that I couldnt place. I emailed my natural mum and asked what my Nanas favorite flower was. Liliacs, like you said. And you said the name Terri more than once, I couldnt think. My natural Auntie is Terri. I took my daughter to Calgary to visit Terri in the summer and we did have a conversation about my Nana! Thank you again. Hope to meet with you again.” ~ A.C. Victoria BC

Janet – Victoria, BC

When I went to see Ara I had no idea what to expect. She amazed me with her gift. I ended up leaving with peace of mind and closure on so many things that have been weighing heavy on my mind and heart for many years. She is an awesome lady and have recommended her to everyone I know. I now understand why there are so many robins in my backyard. I can now speak with my Dad every time I see one.

Thank you Ara….I have never felt better in my heart and my soul.

Allan Collins, China

” I have had 2 readings with Ara, and they have both been wonderful. There is no greater gift in this world than to know, 100% that the spirit realm exists. Once you have this understanding your whole life changes. And unless you have had a “near death experience” or have been able to personally connect with this realm yourself, finding the right Medium is very important. With Ara you can have this experience in a loving and compassionate environment. Ara was able to not only provide some insight, and suggestions with some personal life skills, but was also able to connect with a group of loving, highly evolved souls to help me align myself with the path I was intended to follow during this life. I have recommended Ara to all my family, and if any of my friends were to ask I would be passing her contact info their way. Thanks again Ara!”

Claudia – Gloucestershire, UK – In one of the darkest periods of my life, after suffering a big loss, a friend gave me a reading with Ara as a gift. Little did I know how life changing that experience was going to be: she completely blew me away and filled my heart with joy. Ara is not just a very talented and accurate medium, she is also a very insightful psychic. She is gentle, respectful, humorous and sensitive.
Through our various conversations, she supported my path out of grieving and back to life. Ara always has the extraordinary ability to say what I need to hear in that very moment in order to move forward, it really feels like she is in contact with my Higher Self .
Thank you Ara, you are precious.

RS, Victoria BC – Ara facilitated a life changing experience for me last year when I first went to see her. I was trying to make sense of my grandma’s passing and she was able to deliver a loving and powerful message to me that far exceeded my expectations. She validated things about my mother’s health and pieced together events that no one could have known about. I believe she is authentic and more importantly, the impact of our first meeting has fundamentally shifted my attitude towards life and life after we leave this world. Ara is amazing in her accuracy, gentle and tactful way of delivering messages, and ability to exude warmth and eliminate fear. I’d recommend Ara to anyone.

Rita Berkowitz -I want to thank you for the amazing reading you gave me last Sunday evening. It was one of the best readings that I’ve had. You brought through five of my loved ones with amazing accuracy. As you were talking about each of them, I could feel their presence. You were so accurate on their descriptions and personalities. And their messages were profound and timely. I’m thrilled to be associated with you and your work.

Dan Rautavuori, Founder of All Good OmniMedia, Inc. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ara both over the phone and in person, and I can attest first-hand to the fact that her loving, genuine nature is as prevalent through a phone line as it is when you’re sitting face to face with this amazing individual. And her accuracy? Well, the best word I can think of in order to give proper justice to Ara’s abilities is ‘WOW’! I fully realize just how personal the subject matter of a session with Ara, or any medium for that matter can be, and what really stood out for me with Ara is her uncanny ability to make you feel at ease. You’ll feel like you’re talking to a long-time friend. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll transform yourself…and I really mean you will transform yourself. What makes Ara so special is her focus on empowering those who have a session with her. Too many psychics and mediums out there just give a reading with no indication on how a client can awaken their own intuitive abilities, creating a situation where the client NEEDS the psychic/medium. Ara, on the other hand, goes out of her way to empower her clients with the knowledge of how to tap in to their own psychic self, allowing them to live a life more aware of ones truest self – the affects of which are invaluable.

Karina, Florida – Your readings are not just accurate and transforming but they give forth an essence of life energy that heals those fortunate enough to have found their way to your light. Although you often credit spirit when shown gratitude, it is your kind and gentle spirit that guides those on their life path. The essence of that quality brings much joy to those who seek your guidance. Thank you for sharing the love that is life with me. You inspire me to be a better teacher and friend to all.

Elizabeth, Anguilla – I want to thank you for who you are and the work that you do. The last two nights I have never slept better and feel blessed to have crossed paths with you. My reading was positive and filled with accurate information. Thankyou for your time… will be in touch again

Terri Kravetz, New York – No words can express my appreciation for the insight and guidance you gave me today. Your talent and abilities to connect with spirit is truly outstanding. You have such a beautiful energy and it comes through whenever I hear your voice. Bless you for the holidays and all great things in the year to come. Thank you sweet one.

Shannon Maracle, Ontario Canada – I was always a believer in the spirit world but never thought that I would have that experience until I was blessed to have met Ara. She gave me something that I never thought I could have, a reading from my son Joshua, and for a baby that did not make a sound in this world he sure makes himself known. Ara has made a big impact on my life, from the way I think, the way I look at life, to feel and think positive, and has proven to me that my loved ones are still very much apart of my life. I truly believe that my son has lead me to Ara so that she could help me “live” again, after his passing I thought my life was over, but I know now that I have wonderful life and my son with me every step of the way, and I will be able to hold him again…

Shelly Robinson, Victoria BC -There are many people we meet in our journeys, and I am a full believer that people are brought into our lives for a reason. Ara came into my life during a time of great pain and confusion. I was exhausted. I know that people have true psychic gifts and I know that there are people out there who think they are psychic – Ara is a true psychic. Our first meeting she named names, incidents, happenings in my life that there is no way possible that she would know, she also knew how to bring it across and give me my messages in a way that made me feel calm and relaxed. She has a quality that makes you feel that you have known her all of your life. Not only do I consider her my psychic, but more importantly my friend. She is a treasure in many ways. I used to want to see Sylvia Browne….not anymore.

Ray, Hampton Roads, Virginia – What could possibly be said that didn’t sound clichéd? Well for one thing I had a reading with Ara several years ago, that for me removed any doubt in her abilities and her clarity in communicating with guides and spirits. My mother had passed several months before, and I was very close to her. When Ara started the reading, she said two things, and if those were the only two things she would have ever said, I would still profess her wonderful talents. She described things about my mother that only someone that knew her or talked to her would know. She also repeated something that I would say to my mother every night when I left her side at the hospital that only my mother and I knew. To have it given to me word for word, gave me the warmest rush that I had felt in some time. No one, not my father, not my wife, knew what I whispered to my mother every night. To experience a reading from Ara is almost indescribable, it’s something you have to see, hear and feel for yourself.

Kaye, Louisiana USA – I have had several readings with Ara and she has also approached me on several other occasions with messages from the other side. The info. that her guides relay to her and her ability to interpret the info. never cease to amaze me. The accuracy is astounding. Ara’s mediumship is just as wonderful and it is always a thrill to speak with loved ones from the other side. I never doubt any of the information given to me by Ara… I fondly think of her as “the female John Edward.”

Dave, Victoria BC CANADA – I’ve had four readings with Ara. Her predictions, spiritual awareness, intuitive abilities and insights into the issues of individuals are truly amazing. She doesn’t speak in generalities – like the “daily horoscope” variety of predictions, which are so general that they can apply to anyone. She names names and speaks of specific events, complete with details. I understand the mathematics probability well enough to know that her level of accuracy is highly improbable. People who know me far better than Ara do not have her ability to tell me about my future in such detail. My first reading with Ara focused on career issues. I had been looking for other opportunities – to no one’s knowledge (or so I thought). For several weeks, I had been creating excuses not to apply for positions, and allowing deadlines to pass. To my great surprise, she called me on it, and told me to keep my eyes open. The next year and a half unfolded exactly according to her predictions, including timelines, and the opportunities she spoke of basically fell into my lap. I’m a skeptical person by nature and by education, but true skepticism involves open-mindedness and a willingness to be proven wrong, when one is doubtful. It is only because she proved herself so convincingly that I’m a repeat customer.

Lourdes McGuire, Gloucester, Massachusetts USA – Hello, my name is Lourdes McGuire and I have known Ara for 5 years. I have to start by saying she is one of the most awesome people I have ever met. She is a friend to me, someone I look up to and deeply respect. Ara gave me the best gift I have ever received in my life: a reading. My beloved grandmother contacted me through her and since then I have been in contact with her through readings and it has changed my life. To me, this kind of validation, this kind of blessing, doesn’t have a price, it goes beyond the value of money. I thank Ara for sharing her gift with the world. I think most of us have wanted a reading at one time or another and either we don’t know who to trust to or we find ourselves disappointed when we go to a “Miss Cleo” kind of “psychic” and come away empty handed. So to find someone authentic, truly gifted and caring like Ara is a blessing. I have had spiritual counseling sessions and mediumship readings with Ara and every time I’ve come out with tools to improve my life. For this and so much more, I thank you Ara, you are so dear to me, I am so glad you were born and that I found you in this lifetime.

Phyllis, California USA – Ara, there are no words that could fully express the happiness, joy, appreciation and gratitude I have in my heart for you and your help in receiving the messages from my loved ones on the other side. I am so-oooo blessed to have many questions answered and wonderful validations given to me. I shared the taped reading with my son, who was doubtful about all this stuff. However, after listening to the tape and he heard certain undeniable validations he was pleased that you were instrumental in helping me and bringing such joy to me. It also opened the door to him to reconsider his thoughts about spiritual matters. Isn’t that wonderful!!! Thank you so-oooo much with love and gratitude.

Will Herbert , Rhode Island USA – I have been honoured to know Ara for a just a short time. She has an uncanny ability to focus and deliver messages with incredible insight and clarity. People like Ara are “Heaven Sent” as she gives freely of her time and energies to heal others. For me personally, I would like to say “Thank You” to Ara! She has used her gifts in order to help me to develop my own abilities, again giving of her time freely and unselfishly. I have found that a good reading can be a life-changing experience and an invaluable experience! Ara’s readings are awesome! And her accuracy incredible!

Chrissy Rucci, Victoria BC CANADA – I had a reading from Ara at my mother’s urging. I had experienced such a great loss with the passing of my father that when Ara gave me messages from him I knew with certainty that she was communicating with him. The messages meant only something to me. I was at a pivotal moment in my life where I needed clarification on why I felt I needed to leave Canada and go to live in the United States. I felt I was being pulled there. Ara has brought me incredible predictions that she saw me in California and married by the time I was 32. Happily this has all come true. I needed her to see what I couldn’t. Ara brings a new way of thinking into her readings that helped me to grow and change as a person.

Lolly, California USA – Recently I had the honor of being able to sit in at a reading that was done by Ara for a friend of mine. I was AMAZED!!! I have seen many readings before but this one was 100% accurate and I’ve been smiling for days since the reading. The spirit that came through was the husband of my friend and so much was validated that there wasn’t a doubt in our minds that it was her husband coming through. My friend taped the reading and shared it with her family and everyone’s response was the same as ours, even those that were skeptical. Thank you Ara! You are truly one in a million and I wish you well in the future. I expect to see your name up there with those other well-known psychic mediums. There is no way for you not to get there. You have such a great ability and you are genuine! You respect and love others and demonstrate a lot of integrity and I will be looking for your name to appear on Larry King or Oprah because I have no doubt that you will be viewed by millions in that media one of these days. You have made my friend very happy and she is a changed person and so am I.

Carol Moulton, Victoria BC CANADA – I’ve had 3 readings from Ara over the last 4 years and have received much comfort and enlightenment from her. Her predictions have continued to amaze me. I believe in what I hear from Ara as it ultimately unfolds itself down the road. It may be months or less but that certain thing I have been told comes to pass just as she said. She has helped me make sense of where I am right now and helped me to deal with painful losses and understand the messages from my deceased husband. I now know that death is not the end of life but the next great adventure.

Kim, Florida USA – I met Ara over 3 years ago. She has a calmness about her that you feel whether you are on the phone, on the internet or in person. I value her opinions and she has guided me many times in my own personal journey. If I ask her something she always has a well thought out response that lets you know she is not just half listening to what you say yet she has a fun loving side as well. I am truly happy that she was brought into my life.

Jan, Oregon USA – I have not only had the privilege of being read by Ara, I have also been honored to observe numerous readings she has given to others. Her accuracy, the details, and the messages are incredible…life changing perhaps for the person being read. I am also a medium, and I tease her often, saying that I want to be like her when I grow up. It is true…she is wonderful! I am blessed to know her.

Julie, Missouri USA – In my struggle to have proof of the existence of an afterlife, Ara has provided detail after detail allowing me not only to realize the reality of the continuation of life but also to begin to heal from a devastating grief. The comfort I’ve received from my readings and from Ara’s genuine care is immeasurable. I’m not quite sure what I would have done without her!

Judith, Oregon USA – Ara has enriched my life in many ways. I value her understanding of concepts, her ability to communicate right to the soul level, and her great sense of humor. Her insights have personally helped me in a few struggles I have had to face. Thank you Ara!!

Michelle, Washington USA – The chakra balancing gave me more physical energy and the intuitive information provided me with affirmation that I was moving in the right direction. It was awesome!!

Ashley Abell, Maryland USA – It has been my ultimate pleasure to have known Ara over the course of several years. Ara has given me unbelievable validation and insight into my life. I have incredible belief in Ara’s abilities. Because of her, I have my life back. She brought through the sign in which I asked my Grandfather to give me through her. Ara delivers just what you need in that particular time. There is no doubt in my mind that she assists and uplifts you with every word. She is one of the most amazing souls I have ever met along my path. Continue to inspire and empower. You are an Earth Angel!

Kris G. Omaha, Nebraska USA – Bridging sessions with Ara always leave me feeling at peace and so comforted, knowing my loved ones are with me. Ara has such a calming, gentle quality and I feel like she truly cares about me and my loved ones. Whether I get the messages I think want, I know I am getting information I need. If something doesn’t quite make sense, Ara makes sure to explain it so it does. So many times during a session, she has mentioned something that didn’t ring any bells for me at all, only to have the EXACT thing she mentioned happen at a future date! Her insight, accuracy and abilities are phenomenal! One of the many qualities I love so much about Ara is the way she gets involved in the session. She laughs with me, comforts me, gets excited with me and truly enjoys just being in the moment with me and my loved ones who have passed. I can feel her warmth and caring come through the phone and wrap itself around me in a comforting hug. I always look forward to my times with Ara as it’s like sitting down to visit with my best girlfriend. She truly has a beautiful gift and I am forever thankful she has chosen to share that gift with all of us!


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