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Transformation: As Easy As A, B, C
November 8, 2021

The 4 C’s: Communication, Commitment, Coaching, Community

It takes Commitment to effect the Change you seek. Through your commitment you are digging deep and staying the course. You are rising above negative vibrations and learning to pivot your emotions to a better place in times of stress. You are doing it all with the two most powerful words that exist – I AM.

I have often said it takes a village sometimes to uplift us, inspire us and encourage us. The I AM Community is your village. It is the Community hub for supporting, communicating and just being with kindred spirits who are on the I AM Journey too. Of course, 1:1 coaching is paramount and available!

We learn most by sharing and through the Live Check-Ins (scheduled 3 times a week) we share the joys, the tears and the breakthroughs we have. We learn we are not alone on this transformational journey. We see we can identify with others as everyone experiences the same challenges to some degree or another. We begin to understand the tools we already have through guidance and insight from what our dreams tell us to identifying the evidence the Universe provides in each moment.

We, as a Committed Community for Communication/Change together with Coaching is a vital – and powerful avenue to uplift, support and inspire.

The 4 D’s: Dreams, Desires, Decisions, Diligence

We all have burning desires, wistful dreams, the ability to decide what we want and to allow them into our reality all by the due diligence of our focus and energy.

What if we decide to accept each and every one of them? What if we decide to diligently apply our powerful focus and emotional intensity? What if our reality changed? What if our life became like the fairy tale we have always wanted?

It is all possible. There are no limits except for the ones we believe we have. With guidance, insight and knowledge we can begin to understand what our sleeping dreams are telling us about our waking state. We also begin to establish clarity in our lives so our manifestations are exactly what we have decided them to be. You are that powerful.

The 4 E’s: Eager, Excited, Engaged, Energy

I AM beyond thankful for everyone whom I am currently working with; whom I have worked with, and whom I will work with in the future. You, glorious you, allow this passion and labour of love of the I AM journey to flourish. 

You bring the 4 E’s to life – your life – and thus impact all around you. Do you realize how extraordinary you are? In every moment of focus you are changing, transmuting old energy, becoming more of who you actually came here to be and – most exciting of all – you are encouraging your wildest dreams into fruition! Furthermore, you are inspiring everyone around you to understand there is more to who we are than meets the eye, showing them they have the power as well.

The 4 L’s: Live, Laugh, Learn, Love

Learning the innate value that you are, loving and embracing yourself so completely, right where you are, inspires authentic living. There is a drastic difference between living life and surviving life. You will find when you live authentically, you laugh more effortlessly, learn enthusiastically and love unconditionally. It doesn’t get any better than that.

With these four qualities alone the I AM Journey to transform your life doesn’t seem challenging. Change is a good thing when you know how to deliberately do it. Everything is made ever so easy when you love yourself, value learning, laugh at how simple it all is and live with the ease and flow you have always dreamed life should be.

The 4 M’s: Magic, Meditation,Miracles, Manifestations

Meditation is the best way to enter the mystery of who you are! It is by going into non-resistance mode that your ancient wisdom begins to surface. 

When you understand (or rather, remember) who you are, clarity arrives, joy becomes a daily emotion, magic unfolds and manifestations occur!

You are a miracle in motion. Whatever you set your mind to you invite into your reality. Whatever you deliberately focus on with the added intensity of emotion becomes a magical manifestation in one of your tomorrows.

The 4 P’s: Promise, Power, Persistence, Positivity

When you begin to understand who you are, the illusion you are living in each day promises to show you the true potential available to you. It is unlimited. It is Law.

Each of us is pure, positive energy albeit the energy is skewed from time to time by our perception of what is going on around us. Through deliberate focus and much positive emotion we begin to shift, soothe and then change the momentum of our conditioned beliefs about life and about ourselves. 

We are limitless power and with deliberate persistence of our positivity we begin to experience the promise that whatever we ask, it is always given.

You Are, I AM

Discover the metamorphic transformation that is calling you.

You are the I AM that is consistently trying to seek its way out to create your reality.

There is nothing you cannot be, do or have. 

You are the magic, the miracle and the manifestor.

If you are ready to unleash the power of the I AM within you, check out the I AM Journey on my website.

Your life is waiting.

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