We are only human

Ara Parisien We are Only Human Post

Written by Ara

January 24, 2021

How many times have we heard this phrase or uttered it. It is one of the most defeatist statements I hear from family, friends, clients etc. It serves to narrow and limit our perspective of our true potential.

Embrace your humanness as it surely is the vehicle by which you are experiencing this flicker of so-called time. But we should not blame the vehicle when we decide it is incapable of understanding, learning, growing or changing.

Yes, we are human. But we are more than human. We are a vast expression of Source energy in non-physical form. A spark manifested in the physical but is so vast that the rest of it resides everywhere, all at once, also. Eternally.

Only casting our focus upon our bodies and believing the body is limited is a sure fire way to manifest mediocrity and compromise. The spark within, if focused upon, can draw more of the non-physical energy through your physical body, not to be stored but to be utilized. This consistent flow is the stuff of miracles. It is the ‘within’ that gurus have described. It is wisdom unaware of its own knowledge until it meets a vehicle that can transmute it to be conscious of itself–otherwise–it is where your answers are.

We say ‘we are only human’ as if our hands were tied behind our back. It echoes of a helplessness and a powerlessness to change the human perspective of our world and of our life. Once we tap into the glorious flow of the non-physical aspect of Self–which is merely your awareness of the flow–then you will begin to live an empowered life. You will begin to live as the blended being you were always meant to experience. You will be joy. You will be peace. You will be compassion. You will be love.

Being human is not an excuse to keep you on the sidelines as a non-participant. Being human is about cultivating rich and profound experiences. Being human offers a glorious opportunity to expand beyond conditioned beliefs. Get connected. Prove it to yourself. Then live it.